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Cooking in a chefs kitchen

Despite the cute picture – I am a disaster in the kitchen! Sure, I love to bake, but baking is a science. Recipes and directions are followed, and you come out with the item you planned to prepare. Cooking? It’s all about feel, and understanding a multitude of flavors. I am not the girl who understands when you say “just put a dash in” while explaining how to recreate a dish. Thankfully, Indianapolis hosts events like Devour, that allow me to try all those dishes I love without having to attempt to cook them myself.

One of my favorite dining companions

I know many of you may still be worried of venturing out to a restaurant, so I have some good news for you! This year, many Devour restaurants are allowing for carry out options of the menu they have prepared. On top of that, have you heard of the Hoosier Hospitality Promise? I wanted to make sure I shared that with you all, because for me, knowing so many of my favorite spots have made these commitments has made a WORLD of difference.

When you see the Hoosier Hospitality Promise logo at a destination, you know they promise to do the following:

  • Have all staff pass a health check prior to each shift.
  • Train staff in proper cleaning and sanitization specific to our industry.
  • Implement sanitization practices for common areas, bathrooms and high-touch surfaces, using the Centers for Disease Control recommendations.
  • Provide hand sanitizer or hand-washing stations at all entrances.
  • Post the Hoosier Hospitality Promise at entrances.
  • Starting July 27, 2020, Indiana requires face coverings or face masks that cover the mouth and nose for everyone over the age of 8. The executive order requires face coverings at:
    • Public indoor spaces and commercial entities
    • Outdoor public spaces where you can’t socially distance from people who aren’t in your household
Cannot wait to try the real thing again!

So, join me in celebrating Devour Summerfest in whatever way makes you feel comfortable! Just know, that many people in the industry are working VERY hard to keep you safe while also keeping their business moving forward for their staff and customers.




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