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Stay-Cation: Mom’s Only

Packing bags and hurrying out the door with complete butterflies in my stomach. No, I wasn’t going on a date with hubby, I was headed out on a 24 hour girls trip with my two mom besties. Just the thought of getting to spend time with the girls, knowing no one was going to beg me to make them a snack every two minutes, it filled me with bliss!

We make social distancing and safety look good

We chose a night away at a downtown hotel and couldn’t have been happier! The service was top notch, and saying that they are doing their part to keep us safe isn’t even covering it. The doors were all marked with a seal to show us that the last person inside was the cleaning crew. They also partnered with Lysol, to make sure that everything was sanitized to the best of their abilities. While there may be a few amenities that you have gotten used to seeing at hotels missing – the good news is, they are missing to keep you as safe as possible!

Pool side – looking good

We spent the afternoon soaking in a hot tub with some tasty beverages – who knew a mojito and some jets can fix so many world problems ha! We discussed everything from kids, to partners, to jobs, and managed to even sneak in some body positivity talk in our spare breaths. I have known these women for a couple years now, but I never get tired of hearing their stories, and learning more about them. Greatest thing about todays climate? It means scheduled pool time + lots of space! We were greeted with twoels and waters in bags that had been prepared for guests, assigned a lounge area to keep us distanced from the 2 other rooms scheduled at that time, plus lots of water to relax in.

After pool time we hung out in our room and very slowly got ready for a dinner out – aka the only time we left the hotel. Since it was a rare occasion and a fun night out, we chose a nearby restaurant that is known for their steak and seafood. We got a little dressed up, dared to put on a full face of make up even with masks covering half our faces, and enjoyed every bite of our dinner. There, of course, was lots more talking and sharing all night long {if pressed I’m sure they will tattle and let you know I was the first one in bed ha!}. With face masks on, and lots of joy in our hearts, it was the perfect ending to the day.

Cheers to our perfect weekend

Our perfect weekend was just that because it was perfectly us! We finished off the time together with an amazing gift basket from Cork & Barrel – a different wine for every taste in our group + some snacks to balance it all out. We maybe even dished about how Cork & Barrel has a wine club for only $29.99 a month that we all desperately need! {check out my instagram for a little giveaway from me to you!} We then, sadly, had to pack up our bags to head back north to home and family. We made a, not so quick, pit stop for brunch at one of the best places we could think of and filled up on every carb we could get!

So why take a moms only stay-cation now instead of waiting until after the fear of germs? Because this is when my soul needed it! I needed this time to not only get away from my every day, but also to build my relationships with the women I have relied on so much during the last 8 months. We have taken time to grocery shop for each other, drop off random gifts, listen to each other, and just in general be the tribe each one of us needed. So I encourage you to consider it – if it fits into your comfort zone right now – and take that trip with the friends who matter most.

wine and cocktail gift baskets were gifted by Cork and Barrel in exchange for my honest opinions on their products.


  • Sounds like so much fun! I adore Cork & Barrel! I’ll have to give the Conrad a try! Thanks for sharing!!

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    August 4, 2020