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Stay-Cation Series

Look, we all need a break from our current reality. The stress of school starting again, keeping everyone moving forward in “these uncertain times”, and just keeping everyone safe and healthy right now. So, I have a few ideas I want to share with all of you! Over the next 3 months, I will features different types of stay-cations around Indy to fit any budget + any need you might have.

Always up for a post pool beverage with a great view

MOMS ONLY: our first journey will be on a moms only getaway. I know it seems a little crazy to leave the littles behind for an overnight right now, but trust me, it’s good for your soul. So I will share how two of my besties and I spent 24 hours in Indy without kiddos or partners tagging along. I’ll tell you all about the accomidations, the snacks, the lounge wear, and of course the adult beverages shared.

Maybe the only time we’ve been dressed up since our own wedding

COUPLED UP: A stay-cation with my one and only is just what the doctor ordered this Fall. We have been so focused on keeping each other and our kiddos moving forward during all of this, that I’m not sure we have taken the time we should’ve to focus on each other. Getting the chance to relax, reconnect, and just be together will be a gift to both of us. We will feature activities we enjoy, food we share, and what creative ideas we came up with even while distancing from others.

We are always stronger together

FAMILY TIME: Okay, okay, i know, we have all been spending PLENTY of time with our families over the last couple of months. However, my family is always a little bit different with a change of scenery. While we may not be able to pack up the car and head to a beach, we can find a way to change up our routines and find the new fun! My kids will help me share their favorite activities to do as a family, snacks they wish we kept in the house all the time, and what we need in order to take a mental break from the outside world.

Make sure you check out the Instagram page for updates and for post dates of these fun posts coming up through out the Fall!



Stay-Cation: Mom's Only

August 5, 2020