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New Year, Same Me

I’m sure most of you, like me, have been thinking about all the possibilities a new year can bring. I think that is most likely why everyone celebrates, we celebrate possibility. The future holds so many possibilities but deciding what to pursue, and what to believe can come true is the tricky part. The notion of new year, new you can be interesting for possibilities. When I think about it though, does the new year truly require a new me? Or the same person, just with a deeper belief in the possibilities.

I have spent the last year growing, and learning a lot about myself. Learning about the potential I have, learning about the things sI can accomplish if I set my mind to them. This has been a year of growth and learning to trust myself again. It is amazing how quickly you can lose trust in yourself and your abilities. I’d like to keep finding out more about myself, and who I am inside instead of deciding to be someone new.

This will be a new year, a year of great possibilities. This will not be a year of a new me, but simply a year where I become more myself than ever before. A year where I take hold of the notion that the possibilities are endless and can open new doors to new adventures. I will be open to the possibilities that come my way, and do what I can to keep fear in the next room. I will be brave, I will be kind, but most of all, I will be me. 


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