About Me & Us

Welcome! First of all, thank you for checking out my blog. I decided to start this to bring information about the city of Indianapolis, and also, just to share the joys, hardships, and all the things that come along with being a parent. Being a parent, especially being a mom, isn’t something anyone should have to do without a “tribe” or community to support them. While everyone reading this may not be in each others everyday life, we can still support each other through all that life is throwing our way.

Motherhood is a mental illness

– Romona, The Hustlers

I’m here to show you the good, bad, ugly, and hilarious sides of being a mom. I enjoy trying new things around town and taking my mini humans if possible. With this blog I hope you find some great information, a few laughs, and a whole lot of support from the community I hope we can build. Please enjoy my posts, learning more about me, and learning more about my favorite place, Indianapolis!

With one of my favorite moms I know